The New York Association of Copyright Stakeholders NYASCH, formerly referred to as "New Yorkers for Fair Use", has recently taken on this new identity in order to distinguish itself from the activities of NYFU. Additional information can be viewed on our history page.

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The DMCA is short for the Digital Millinium Copyright Act.

The DMCA was passed by Congress in 1998. It was designed as a gift to the broadcast and media industry, and it is largely designed to cripple the internet and digital formats as a means for sharing and publishing information. It's a direct threat to the new economy and if interpreted conservatively by the courts, it makes Fair Use a felony under US Law.

It is probably not going to withstand Constitutional Review by the Supreme Court. But until then, it does major damage to the public by stifling creative works, and fair use.

The DMCA is a very very complex issue that can not be understood in a sound byte. This section is dedicated to making resources available to the Press and to Lay people to understand the issues surrounding the DMCA and why it is opposed by nearly ever library and educational organization in the US.