The New York Association of Copyright Stakeholders NYASCH, formerly referred to as "New Yorkers for Fair Use", has recently taken on this new identity in order to distinguish itself from the activities of NYFU. Additional information can be viewed on our history page.

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Proposal for Open Source Politial Action Committee. Open Source is a catch phase which tries to emulate the Free Software concept developed by Richard Stallman and the FSF. Mostly a marketing term used by OSI, it uses a collaborative software method modled on the work of the Free Software foundation which helped produced the GNU/Linux operating system. Free Software developement depends on access to information on hardware devices, freedom to share information and reasonable copyright law. In fact, Free Software was developed as a concept by the FSF in order to assure digital freedom of the tyoe being threatened today. New Copyright laws are theatening its development.

Richard Stallman on Copyright and and the Public Trust. Stallman is one of the leading members of the Open Sourced movement and founder of the GNU software project. Stallman uses copyright to protect the availability of programs under the GPL License from being removed from the public trust. This guarantees generations of future programmers and computer users to have a large body of available works to use and learn from.

Libraries are under seize. the AAP wants to end libraries. Here are some resources compliments of Jay Shulzberger: